[DNF] Find parent package/s of weak dependency?

Todays update listed a new weak dependency gnome-shell-extension-gamemode. The update dialog did not list the package introducing the weak dependency - only the to be installed dependency.

So I set out to find a way to get the package which introduced this weak dependency with tools like rpmreaper and a few rpmqueries - without success so far.

Pacman provides a installation reason which lists the package requiring this package with a command similar to dnf info.

Is there a way to find a package which introduced a new weak dependency if I only know the name of the weak dependency?

Sorry for answering my own thread.

rpm repoquery provides --whatdepends which will also list weak dependencies.

$ dnf repoquery --whatdepends gnome-shell-extension-gamemode

I’ve created an issue for rpmreaper to discuss also listing weak dependencies: ReqBy does not list parents of weak dependencies · Issue #4 · mlichvar/rpmreaper · GitHub


FYI, you can also do ‘dnf repoquery --whatrecommends gnome-shell-extension-gamemode’


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