Discussion: How to handle projects outside of Fedora, but in contact with it?

There are many projects and products outside of Fedora, where interaction with Fedora may be done, and needs to be supported.

This forum is a way of support and the question is, do we add tags for projects outside of Fedora?


  • dual boot with another OS, special fix needed
  • installation of Fedora from another OS
  • using Fedora for installing a custom Android OS
  • using Fedora to handle some special hardware, camera etc.

For example NVIDIAs proprietary drivers are not packaged or maintained by Fedora, and thus not supported. They cause tons of issues, and we support them anyways, for good reasons.

Some ideas from a discussion on tagging:

  • Discourse (the forum software) and tags are very well indexed by search engines. Tagging things outside Fedora may attract people to search for help here, even if it is the wrong location
  • we already have a ton of tags, and some duplicate ones.
  • tags are sometimes misused, and used too much. People that “track” them will get notifications without being relevant
  • tags should help and not consume too much time
  • tag creation may be restricted to more trusted users, to avoid spam
  • a detection system for new tags, and a veto against some may be cool
  • some voices for a more liberal tag policy, as long as the naming is consistent
  • tags for projects that have their own forums may be forbidden, to avoid misguiding people
  • a new unsupported tag could be added, to mark topics where all support is unofficial and with no guarantees (there are no guarantees anyways but to stress it more)


Do you think tags about external projects, where support on the Fedora side is needee, make sense?

Or do you think we should only have tags for Fedora components?