Discord Flatpak can't access documents

Very specific problem, I’m not sure why this is happening.

But on discord, which I’ve installed through flatpak, I can’t share files from my documents folder. It just doesn’t show up. It’s strange.

When I try to share a file with a friend, in the dialogue it’s just downloads, pictures and videos. If I try to manually navigate to /home, the documents folder is nowhere to be found.

I end up having to drag documents in nautilus to the /downloads folder and then share them.

Does anyone have an inkling as to why this would be the case?

This is because the creator of the flatpak package have chosen to only expose a few of your directories to the sandbox that Discord is running in.

If you want to give your Discord flatpak additional permissions, you could install the application Flatseal, which lets you edit them.


Thanks a lot for that Bjorn!

It worked like a charm, I’m able to share documents now :slight_smile: