DICOM Viewers in Fedora Repos?

Are there any DICOM (medical imaging) viewers left in the Fedora repos?

My favorite, Aeskulap, disappeared several years ago due to ancientness in the autoconf setup. Apparently the package maintainer could not get it to build, and it was dropped from the distro; I can’t get it to autoconf myself either.

Ginkgo CADx used to work as well (can’t remember where I got it) but I could only find precompiled binaries built against openssl-1.0.0. I cloned the source from github; it requires wxWidgets and although I installed the Fedora repo for wxWidgets, cmake cannot find it. I think mingw is a WIndows package anyway. I’d rather stab red hot needles in my eyes than debug that.

There is an rpm package for an app called “Weasis” but I can’t get it to do anything more than display an empty purple screen, and the documentation is incomprehensible.

Any help is appeciated.


I would be interested in viewing my medical images on a fedora system likewise. It’s an interesting format often used in hospitals.


As a reference, I am posting a related wiki article. It shows software packaged in the repos and those that could be packaged (if there were maintainers for it).



I don’t think there are any at the moment. I was looking into saving aeskulap a long time ago for the Fedora Medical project, but upstream was inactive even then. The GitHub repo doesn’t exist any more either: https://github.com/jenslody/aeskulap

I see that it has been mirrored here, but the last commit here is also from 2019 so I’m not certain if it’s currently maintained or not:

I think we do have all the necessary dependencies for Ginkgo-CADx and it does look like it’s maintained upstream also, so perhaps it could be packaged for Fedora.

If you paste the errors you get while building this, we could help? We can also help you package it for inclusion in Fedora if you’d like to do that?


It’s not a perfect solution, but ImageMagick (and GraphicsMagick) can convert DICOM files to more-typical consumer image formats (PNG, jpg, whatever). I imagine if more advanced DICOM features are needed that’s basically useless, but if you just want to look at the images…


I can suggest these software, that are easily installable on Fedora Linux:

The latter also support Query/Retrieve from a PACS.