Demo Silverblue at Container Camp UK - Volunteers?


Hi Community,

Who has good experience using Silverblue and would like to demo it several times at Container Camp UK in London at a booth? Travel, accommodation, and Container Camp UK access would be paid for you.

Prerequisites are:

  • must be using Silverblue for at least two weeks or more
  • must know your way around the terminal (upgrade, rollback, install) as well as around the GNOME software centre and Flathub
  • must understand the basics of rpm-ostree and what Silverblue is compared to traditional Fedora

If you are a developer and can explain how you work with containers, that’s an added bonus. Demoing Silverblue, you can also show off a family friendly game running as Flatpak on Silverblue.

In case you’d like to do that but it’s too soon for you, let me know as well - there are plenty of other events upcoming in case you’re interested in this type of community engagement. It builds up your profile, you get to meet a lot of people, and it’s a good way to start being more active at conferences, especially if you’re not ready to take the leap into public speaking yet.

If you are ready to take the leap but need a little push, let me know as well.



Hey, I’d be interested.

I’m using Silverblue since Fedora 27. I loved the upgrade to f28 because I didn’t have to worry about it failing — I could always rollback, even though I didn’t have to.

For software, I’m using a combination of Flathub, some layered RPMs, and containers.

I do all my development in containers, so I have my dev environments separate from the system, and can install anything into them without affecting my system or other environments for other projects. I’ve been doing that with VMs since I started being a developer, and this way it just got simpler and faster.

So, yeah, definitely happy to talk about Silverblue. :slight_smile:


Perfect - following up with you via email.


I’m from Germany and my name is Andi. I am using Fedora since verion 26 and it’s a great distro. Changed for a couple of weeks to silverblue and I’m impressed!
I develop also programms or compile them…, used before other distros…; and I started to use containers. So at the end I agree that for being a dev it is much more easier and faster than before.

I would like to talk and explain about Silverblue :slight_smile:


Hey Andilinux,

I’ll write you an email separately.