Default flatpak subvolume?

Fedora by default provides the ability to install flatpak applications, easy to install, from GNOME Software or Plasma Discover.
The flatpak subvolume would be very convenient for many users who use Btrfs snapshots, with some advantages:

  • Restoring the snapshot does not restore the flatpak applications installed after the snapshot.
  • Backup with btrfs send
  • Set compression with zstd algorithm or other ‘btrfs set property

Maybe it makes sense to have “var/log” on a separate subvolume as well? in case of problems and recovery, you can still read the logs.
Nothing, I thought about it and not knowing where to write these proposals, I wrote them here.


For suggestions like this, rather than troubleshooting, you might try this site’s sibling forum, Specifically,

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Definitely post this topic in the development forum, as Matt Miller suggests. This exact thing is being actively tested. And it can be setup with the installer or post-install. Please post a URL for the new topic here, so interested parties can follow the breadcrumbs to the development discussion.


Thanks for the answers. Done: Default flatpak subvolume?