Decoder H.264. OpenH264

Hello, dear Fedora community! I have questions about decoder h.264. I have read about OpenH264 OpenH264 :: Fedora Docs. I ask about that, because I have seen in article: โ€œA fedora-cisco-openh264 repository is distributed since Fedora 24 by default (if you have at least fedora-repos-24-0.5 package or newer). It contains OpenH264 binary built inside the Fedora infrastructure, but distributed by Cisco, so that the all licensing fees are still covered by them. This repository also contains OpenH264 plugins for gstreamer and Firefox. It is enabled by default since Fedora 33 (if you have at least fedora-repos-33-0.3 package or newer). In order to install OpenH264, just install the pluginsโ€.

  1. Is OpenH264 free and free of charge?
  2. What that means: โ€œso that the all licensing fees are still covered by themโ€
  1. Yes to fedora users.

  2. The legal issues are managed so users have no problems or costs.

This applies to all users that install rpms via the fedora package manager and from the fedora-cisco-openh264 repo.

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