CTRL+C required twice in KeePass (mono)


My system: Fedora 31 with GNOME shell.

I have an inconvenience since I’ve upgraded to F31. While copying anything from KeePass (not a Gnome native application, it requires mono to run) I need to CTRL+C twice. I’ve tested it multiple times. It’s not happening when you right click on the entries and try to copy a user or password. It happens when you actually open an entry window and try to copy anything from there, be it username, password or some comment.

I am successfully using KeePass with mono of Fedora since F28, so this “bug” must be related to the new Gnome shell version. Just an assumption.

P.S. Before you ask me why I am not using the Gnome friendly KeePassXC, the answer is simple. I need to access the same password db file from multiple Operating system, some of them are Windows. There is no KeePassXC there, only KeePass. A while back I’ve been looking into it, and it seems KeePassXC can’t open a KeePass database file, and vice-versa. Don’t know if this changed.


I stand corrected on the KeePassXC. I’ve just managed to open my KeePass db with it (don’t know when this change happened). So… in my F31 I might just use this one :slight_smile: and leave KeePass for Windows only. But the copy issue with mono is still there, but probably not Fedora related.

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