CPE Weekly Update - Week of October 04th 2021

Hi everyone,

This is a weekly report from the CPE (Community Platform Engineering) Team. If you have any questions or feedback, please respond to this report or contact us on #redhat-cpe channel on libera.chat.

If you wish to read this in rendered markdown, check the post on discussion link.

  • As October is the new quarter, we are about to overtake new projects, there are no new updates on non-rolling initiatives[0].

  • CentOS Stream team is continuing with their work:

    • The work on the Mirror Manager has been completed
      • The work on the Automated Signing has been completed
      • Automatic Signing was broken on Monday night
    • Working on batch resigning packages still
      • Completed our October planning - aiming to work on
        • Content Resolver Docs
        • Compose Reporting - content changes between RHEL9/Stream 9
        • Forming a plan of record for the work needed to align Stream 8 and Stream 9 workflows in the future
        • Technical debt movement - Jenkins updates, old image cleanups, etc.
  • Infra and releng continues to take care of day to day business as initiatives team members are working with them to handover SOPs and maintenance tasks:

    • Fedora Infra
      • 23 issue tickets were closed this week
      • Unfroze after beta and then froze again for F35 final
      • Merged a ton of pull requests that were pending
      • We have a possible fix to the sssd auth issues, many thanks sgallagh!
      • Updated all the proxies, including for the latest httpd CVE
      • Tracked down openQA worker instability to a kernel bug
      • We now have backups locally on netapp for Weblate content
    • CentOS Infra
      • Collaboration with Artwork SIG for new CentOS Stream 9 theme that will be pushed at release day. Preview at https://www.dev.centos.org and https://lists.dev.centos.org
      • CentOS Plus repo being worked on as a SIG (same process) through Core SIG (new GPG public key) and so building for Stream 8 (and eventually later Stream 9) on cbs.centos.org
      • Business as usual:
        • Sponsors leaving (decommissioning nodes in infra)
        • Relocate some services
        • Progress on the blocker for Stream 9 tests in CI
    • Release Engineering
      • Staging Bodhi deployment 5.7.1
      • F35 final freeze
      • Removal of bot form #releng channel will happen after the freeze

[0] With the rolling initiative, we mean the initiatives that will take longer than one quarter and they are not affected by the quarter cycle.

That’s all of this week :slight_smile:

Kindest regards & on behalf of the CPE team,

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