CPE Update Q1 2024

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This is a summary of the work done on initiatives by the CPE Team. Every quarter, the CPE team works together with CentOS Project and Fedora Project community leaders and representatives to choose projects that will be worked on in that quarter. The CPE team is then split into multiple smaller sub-teams that will work on the chosen initiatives and day-to-day work that needs to be done. Some of the sub-teams are dedicated to the continuous efforts of the team, while others are created only for the initiative purposes.

This update is made up of infographics and detailed updates. If you want to just see what’s new, check the infographics. If you want more details, continue reading.


The Community Platform Engineering Team is a Red Hat team that is working exclusively on community projects. Its members are part of Fedora Infrastructure, Fedora Release Engineering, and CentOS Infrastructure teams. This team works on initiatives, which are projects with a larger scope related to community work that needs to be done. It also investigates possible initiatives with the ARC (Advance Reconnaissance Crew), which is formed from a subset of the Infrastructure & Release Engineering sub-team members based on the initiative that is being investigated.

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PDC Retirement

PDC is the Product Definition Center, running at: https://pdc.fedoraproject.org/.

However, this application, which was developed internally, is no longer maintained. This codebase has been “orphaned” for a few years now and we need to find a solution for it.

We are reviewing and having a critical look at what we store in there, see what is really needed, and then find a solution for its replacement.

Status: In Progress

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Matrix Native Zodbot

With ongoing stability issues with the Matrix <-> IRC bridge and many contributors switching over to Matrix, Zodbot has become increasingly unreliable. The bridge is currently shut off completely. This initiative aims to provide a future-proof solution and allow us to conduct meetings without wasting time troubleshooting the Matrix <-> IRC bridge and Zodbot.

Status: Done

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If you get here, thank you for reading this. If you want to contact us, feel free to do it on matrix.

As CPE members are part of Fedora Infrastructure, Fedora Release Engineering and CentOS Infrastructure I’m adding here links to Fedora Infra & Releng update and CentOS Infrastructure update.

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