Could not install nvidia driver - I use asus tuf gaming A17 with RTX 3050

Hi guys , does fedora 40 support rtx3050 ? I am not able to install nvidia driver . i have tried installing in terminal and also manually both dosent work.

what ever i do it just not shows . i want to play steam games in my system . some of them require GPU.

GIve me some ideas to install driver please.

Yeas it does and you need to have third party repository enabled and follow the guide here

Also if you have secure boot enabled the guide is here

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HI, should i disable secure boot first?

i have this output now . does this mean its installed ?

If you have secure boot enabled and you didn’t do as guide said to sign MOK keys fedora can’t use drivers.

Options is to sign the keys for secure boot or disable secure boot by bios

I have disabled the secure boot and followed the guide.

Now I have shared the output with you on the previous reply.

That shows it is installed, the modules are loaded and running

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