Coreos-assembler v0.8.0

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The CoreOS team is pleased to announce the latest release of coreos-assembler - our opinionated build tool that we use to build and test Fedora CoreOS and Red Hat CoreOS.

The team created coreos-assembler as a way to bind together Ignition, rpm-ostree, and many other Fedora RPMs to build, test, and deliver Fedora CoreOS and Red Hat CoreOS artifacts.
coreos-assembler is delivered as a container image (, ready to be run via “rootless” podman, and provides an easy on-ramp for people and projects that want a “custom” Fedora CoreOS style system.

Check out the release notes via the tag above and come talk to us at our usual places:



The added testing functionality, and support for creating DigitalOcean droplets, is really exciting!