CoreOS and Virtualization

I’m just gonna throw this out there, but I think it would be cool is CoreOS had a role or another “flavor” that includes libvirt in the image. Then an admin could just deploy it to a server and it’s ready for hosting VMs, and gains all the benefits of CoreOS. Every time I go to deploy an OKD Cluster I keep thinking this would be cool and also it kinda makes sense.

Yeah I’ve thought of this too. You can run libvirt from inside a container, but there isn’t really a ready made container that I know of that provides it.

Since you mentioned OKD and are already using it, you might find kubevirt interesting. See the OKD docs.


funny you mention this, we have built a custom image that does just this, k8s / kubevirt or k8s / openstack hybrid all-in-one from usb or installer, though its not hard to install libvirt on a coreos image itself, wouldnt it soimply be rpm-ostree install libvirt and freinds and reboot. being we are utilizing kubevirt, our libvirt sits inside a k8s container under crio.

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Do you have any details how this was accomplished ?