Copy GRUB config to another Drive

Recently posted a request for assistance titled ‘Grub Installation Woes’ under the following link;

Followed one suggestion for using chroot - promising but failed, not finding an ‘efi’ path.

So, am thinking, if I connect extra drive (Has 3 linux distros) to my laptop, which as Ubuntu, Fedora and Windoz10 and I then run grub2-mkconfig then update-grub gets all OSs on my laptop boot menu.

How can I copy this to my external drive? At least then I might be able to adjust menu entries from there. Thought using grub-install would work but doesn’t seem to replicate internal drive.


Assuming you’re on a UEFI system, GRUB works by installing an EFI file for its bootloader in /boot/efi/EFI/fedora and storing its config file in the same directory.

To do this on another drive, you’d have to create an EFI system partition on that drive and have GRUB install to there.

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