Copy A Large Text From Chrome Browser

No, with 128 GB RAM you probably do not have to worry about what application you will use, whether vim, gvim, geany, or gedit.
However, from what I have experienced (never measured anything though), vim is faster than gedit when dealing with lots of lines, but you need to know your way around it. To see vim for the first time could cause you severe headaches :smiley: .

I have no clue what is different, but it worked for me.
I just repeated the test, with new files.

first, using vi I created one file (test-it) into which I pasted 40,001 copies of the line given, and saved it.
I then opened that file in chrome, highlighted all the opened file, as seen in this image, and using ctrl-c copied it to the clipboard.

I then opened a new file with gedit (testit) and pasted the entire clipboard content into it using ctrl-v and saved it. As you can see from the next image there were 40,001 lines with 320 columns in the file.

It took some scrolling (and time) in chrome to reach the last line of the file but once done everything worked. Due to the size of the content gedit also took a few seconds to display and save the file, but other than time needed simply due to the volume of the content everything worked well.

vim is definitely faster than gedit for large files, but as has been said, you need to spend a little time to learn it’s power to effectively use it.

This issue has nothing to do with text editors, number of lines or columns.
It can be easily reproduced with 2^18+1 characters that is 256K+1 bytes.

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That may be a unique spot where it fails, but my test with 40,000 copies of the line originally posted produces a file with 13M size and it does not fail in opening up with chrome nor copy/paste functions. The OP said he had about 40,000 lines similar to what was posted and it failed for him.
I wonder if there is a range of size where it fails and then is ok again when it is larger.

$ ls -lh
-rw-rw-r--.   1 user user  13M Sep 15 09:39  test-it
-rw-rw-r--.   1 user user  13M Sep 15 09:45  testit

$ ls -l
-rw-rw-r--.   1 user user 12880322 Sep 15 09:39  test-it
-rw-rw-r--.   1 user user 12880322 Sep 15 09:45  testit

$ wc -l < testit

The OP may be confusing Chrome and Chromium.
I can reproduce the issue with chromium-freeworld.

I didn’t confuse chrome with chromium. I am using chrome at f32

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