Convert .deb to Flatpak?

Apologies is this has been covered elsewhere, I did several searches and couldn’t find anything that addressed this issue.
I have a particular application I’d like to install that is only available as a .deb, not even a .rpm. (OpenTX Companion if you are interested) and I was wondering if there is any way I can install it on SilverBlue. And more generally, is there a relatively easy, not too technical way to install any .deb on SB? Just curious, I’m just starting out on my SilverBlue adventure.
Thanks, Ian

.deb files are only for Debian and derivatives; Fedora instead uses the rpm packaging format in line with Red Hat and SUSE derivatives. There are technically ways of converting between them automatically (such as alien), but that can unsurprisingly result in package files that are a bit of a mess.

That being said, it is possibly to manually build a Flatpak (or RPM though that’s not nearly as fun) by extracting the contents of a deb package, which is what the Visual Studio Code Flatpak does.

Thanks for the reply @refi64. Now you’ve sent me off on another steep learning curve! flatpak-builder here I come…

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Haha, if you need help you can usually check out the sources to Flathub’s manifests here.

Thanks @refi64. On a slightly different note, how about .rpms? Is it easier to convert them to flatpaks? I had a look inside one, almost as confusing as a .deb.

You can (still by extracting as usual), however if you’re trying to convert a Fedora app to be a Flatpak, you might be better off using the Fedora Flatpak build mechanism which builds Flatpaks from RPMs. The Flatpak core itself isn’t tied to a particular build mechanism; both flatpak-builder and fedmod rpm2flatpak can be used equally.

However, in general, Fedora-style Flatpaks are created for the Fedora-specific Flatpak repo, and flatpak-builder Flatpaks are the only ones accepted into Flathub.