Community Blog monthly summary: March 2023

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This is the latest in our monthly series summarizing the past month on the Community Blog. Please leave a comment below to let us know what you think.


In March, we published 16 posts. The site had 5,730 visits from 3,836 unique viewers. 2,307 visits came from search engines, while 43 came from Fedora Discussion and 38 came from Fedora Planet.

The most read post last month was “Fedora Linux 38 development schedule” with 1,386 views. The most read post published last month was “How to rebase to Fedora Silverblue 38 Beta” with 338 views.


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Hi Ben,
Nice to see the stats like this! Would it be possible to see stats for a single post somewhere? I can see total views of a blog post, but is there a way to see finer stats like unique viewers, numbers of visits from CommBlog, FedoraPlanet and Fedora Discussion for a single post?
I checked something could be seen from Discourse or Wordpress API when retrieving a single post, but not this kind of information.

It doesn’t look like Jetpack provides stats on a per-post basis except for page views.

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