[closed]...Having error while decrypt encrypted volume

i find a error whenever wants to decrypt
my volume this happend after a os swap.

Try using cryptsetup open and see if you get a meaningful error.

Use cryptsetup --help to get information on the exact syntax you need to unlock it.

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It seems You are on KDE DE ?
Otherwise you can use gnome-disks to open encryption and mount graphically encrypted partitions …

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i can’t do it can you help with exact command

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It is something like:

sudo cryptsetup open /dev/sdxn myluks

Replace /dev/sdxn with the block device that has luks on it.

If you don’t know what that is then please share the output of lsblk -o name,fstype,label,type,size

sda1 crypto_LUKS                       part 226.7G

$ sudo cryptsetup open /dev/sda1 myluks
[sudo] password for ararch: 
Enter passphrase for /dev/sda1: 

nothing happend

So now it is unlocked. You can mount it now. It should have created a new block device /dev/mapper/myluks. Mount that somewhere.

$ sudo cryptsetup open /dev/sda1 myluks
[sudo] password for ararch: 
Enter passphrase for /dev/sda1: 
$ sudo mount /dev/mapper/myluks /mnt/myluks
mount: /mnt/myluks: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/myluks, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.
       dmesg(1) may have more information after failed mount system call.

Can we see lsblk -o name,type,fstype,size,mountpoint

$ lsblk -o name,type,fstype,size,mountpoint
sda        disk              931.5G 
├─sda1     part  crypto_LUKS 226.7G 
│ └─myluks crypt             226.7G 
├─sda3     part                  1K 
├─sda4     part  ext4        390.1G 
├─sda5     part  btrfs       146.5G 
├─sda6     part  ext4          300M /boot
└─sda7     part  btrfs       166.9G /
sr0        rom                1024M 
zram0      disk                1.7G [SWAP]

What filesystem was on that luks device?

It is either corrupt or it is something that lsblk can’t recognize.

Also, why do you have a 1k partition?

this was a /boot now it has no use