Check codec version used by ffmpeg (rpmfusion-free)

  • List of encoders and decoders for av1

    $ ffmpeg -codecs | grep svt
     DEV.L. av1                  Alliance for Open Media AV1 (decoders: libdav1d libaom-av1 av1 av1_cuvid av1_qsv ) (encoders: libaom-av1 librav1e libsvtav1 av1_nvenc av1_qsv av1_amf av1_vaapi )

How can I check the version of a particular encoder libsvtav1? I am using Fedora 39 and installed ffmpeg from rmpfusion-free repository (refer: Howto/Multimedia - RPM Fusion)

I’m not sure if this is the easiest way (or if it is what you are looking for), but does this work?

ffmpeg -hide_banner -t 10 -s 640x480 -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb24 -r 25 -i /dev/zero -c:v libsvtav1 -f matroska -y /dev/null |& grep libsvtav1

I got the hint about how to create a blank video clip from here.


It shows:

  Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (rawvideo (native) -> av1 (libsvtav1))
      encoder         : Lavc60.3.100 libsvtav1

While latest release is 1.8 (Releases · Alliance for Open Media / SVT-AV1 · GitLab)

So I am not sure if the output is helpful.

The version in Fedora appears to be 1.4.1

$ dnf info svt-av1
Last metadata expiration check: 0:04:21 ago on Fri 26 Jan 2024 05:22:28 PM PST.
	Available Packages
Name         : svt-av1
Version      : 1.4.1
Release      : 3.fc39
Architecture : x86_64
Size         : 57 k
Source       : svt-av1-1.4.1-3.fc39.src.rpm
Repository   : fedora
Summary      : Scalable Video Technology for AV1 Encoder
URL          :
License      : BSD-3-Clause and MIT and ISC and Public Domain
Description  : The Scalable Video Technology for AV1 Encoder (SVT-AV1 Encoder) is an
             : AV1-compliant encoder library core. The SVT-AV1 development is a
             : work-in-progress targeting performance levels applicable to both VOD and Live
             : encoding / transcoding video applications.


This is not applicable as this package is not installed in my laptop as I have installed ffmpeg from rpmfusion-free reepository.

I expect you do have the svt-av1-libs subpackage though, which would be the same version. That package provides, which is a dependency of ffmpeg-libs.


How can I check for svt-av1-libs subpackage. Is there a particular dnf command?

rpm -qa | grep svt or dnf info svt-av1-libs perhaps