Change alt-tab to cycle through all windows, including of the same application

Hello! Is there a way to change the behavior of alt-tab so that it cycles through all of the currently open windows, including those of the same application? Currently it only cycles through each application, no matter how many windows are open, and I’d love to be able to alt-tab back and forth between different Audacity windows. Thanks!

You could go to Gnome Settings then to Keyboards setting. On the bottom, there a custom keyboard settings. Click it. On the search input type “Switch Windows” that currently disabled. Click it and customize it. You could also use Alt+Tab to overwrite switching applications (that with grouping).

Note: It’s only switch between windows on current workspace and not on all the cross workspace.

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In dconf is a default combi with alt-esc. You could change that. Search dconf “cycle-windows” and change the default combination. sudo dnf install dconf

ohhhhhh thanks!