Can't sign in!

After doing a timeshift I am completely unable to sign into my machine, I enter the right info but it signs me out and takes me back to the login right after, i tried logging in using the tty line and the same issue occurs. Please help.

Try logging as root.

What did you restore in the timeshift and from how long ago?

I restored from 1 day ago when everything was fine, and i can’t seem to log into root either, but when i log in as my user something pops up very briefly but i cant read it as it disappears far too quickly

What did you select to backup in timeshift?

Also, what happens when you try to log in as root from the TTY?

I did a standard timeshift rsync restore. and i cannot log into the root at all, it says my password is wrong, and when i log into my user it says " – [username]: no shell: Permission Denied"

Could it be an issue related to selinux?
You can try to edit the grub entry:
Hold the shift key down when you power on. The GRUB menu should appear.

Press “e” to edit the entry.

Add enforcing=0 at the end of the linux line.

Now press “Ctrl+x” to continue the boot process.

If you can log in, you have to relabel the filesystem. If the issue is still here, my assumption was wrong :slight_smile: and it isn’t an selinux issue.

I caved and just reinstalled after copying all my important files in the live usb environment, i realized without root access to the system there wasn’t much i could do.