Cant install ffmpeg Silverblue 38

I get this message:

rpm-ostree install ffmpeg
⠂ Checking out tree 7f13707...                                                  Enabled rpm-md repositories: fedora-cisco-openh264 fedora-modular updates-modular updates fedora rpmfusion-free-updates rpmfusion-free rpmfusion-nonfree-updates rpmfusion-nonfree google-chrome rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver rpmfusion-nonfree-steam updates-archive
thread 'tokio-runtime-worker' panicked at 'assertion failed: !(self.ptype == ProgressType::Task)', rust/src/
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace
Aborted (core dumped)

@apollo18 that particular error output looks like the version of rpm-ostree (or something it depends on) is crashing. An rpm-ostree upgrade and then rebooting might help solve that particular error? Also, rpm-ostree status output might help be useful for people who can help you (I’m not one of those unfortunately).

While I don’t experience the strange error that you see, I do see the following dependency conflict error:

$ rpm-ostree install ffmpeg
Checking out tree 5f2ce01... done
Enabled rpm-md repositories: updates-modular fedora-cisco-openh264 rpmfusion-nonfree updates docker-ce-stable rpmfusion-nonfree-updates fedora-modular rpmfusion-free-updates osquery-s3-rpm-repo fedora rpmfusion-free updates-archive
Importing rpm-md... done
rpm-md repo 'updates-modular' (cached); generated: 2018-02-20T19:18:14Z solvables: 0
rpm-md repo 'fedora-cisco-openh264' (cached); generated: 2023-03-14T10:56:46Z solvables: 4
rpm-md repo 'rpmfusion-nonfree' (cached); generated: 2023-04-14T12:02:51Z solvables: 235
rpm-md repo '' (cached); generated: 2023-02-07T16:40:56Z solvables: 2
rpm-md repo 'updates' (cached); generated: 2023-05-05T01:18:14Z solvables: 9123
rpm-md repo 'docker-ce-stable' (cached); generated: 2021-12-13T14:31:00Z solvables: 54
rpm-md repo 'rpmfusion-nonfree-updates' (cached); generated: 2023-05-03T16:36:20Z solvables: 9
rpm-md repo 'fedora-modular' (cached); generated: 2023-04-13T20:30:47Z solvables: 1082
rpm-md repo 'rpmfusion-free-updates' (cached); generated: 2023-05-03T16:18:39Z solvables: 55
rpm-md repo 'osquery-s3-rpm-repo' (cached); generated: 2023-03-28T18:16:39Z solvables: 101
rpm-md repo 'fedora' (cached); generated: 2023-04-13T20:37:10Z solvables: 69222
rpm-md repo 'rpmfusion-free' (cached); generated: 2023-04-14T11:37:11Z solvables: 468
rpm-md repo 'updates-archive' (cached); generated: 2023-05-05T01:57:26Z solvables: 7549
Resolving dependencies... done
error: Could not depsolve transaction; 1 problem detected:
 Problem: conflicting requests
  - package ffmpeg-6.0-9.fc38.x86_64 from rpmfusion-free-updates requires ffmpeg-libs(x86-64) = 6.0-9.fc38, but none of the providers can be installed
  - package ffmpeg-6.0-6.fc38.x86_64 from rpmfusion-free requires ffmpeg-libs(x86-64) = 6.0-6.fc38, but none of the providers can be installed
  - package ffmpeg-libs-6.0-9.fc38.x86_64 from rpmfusion-free-updates conflicts with libavcodec-free provided by libavcodec-free-6.0-4.fc38.x86_64 from @System
  - package ffmpeg-libs-6.0-6.fc38.x86_64 from rpmfusion-free conflicts with libavcodec-free provided by libavcodec-free-6.0-4.fc38.x86_64 from @System

Does anyone know if there’s some rpm-ostree incantation to get around that?

Here’s my current deployment info:

$ rpm-ostree status
State: idle
AutomaticUpdates: stage; rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer: no runs since boot
● fedora:fedora/38/x86_64/testing/silverblue
                  Version: 38.20230505.0 (2023-05-05T00:47:44Z)
               BaseCommit: 5f2ce011baf0c4bc0ea393823b0d23a233c21e374f9889ddac25752d6c8b5480
             GPGSignature: Valid signature by 6A51BBABBA3D5467B6171221809A8D7CEB10B464
      RemovedBasePackages: mesa-va-drivers 23.0.3-1.fc38
          LayeredPackages: chkrootkit containernetworking-plugins docker-compose git gnome-tweak-tool libva-intel-driver libva-intel-hybrid-driver libva-utils libvirt libvirt-daemon-kvm lm_sensors make maven mesa-va-drivers-freeworld openldap-clients
                           openscap-containers osquery podman-docker podman-plugins qemu-kvm rpmfusion-free-release rpmfusion-nonfree-release subscription-manager syncthing virt-manager wireguard-tools

@grumpey did reference a command that helped me to resolve the issue:

 rpm-ostree override remove libavcodec-free libavfilter-free libavformat-free libavutil-free libpostproc-free libswresample-free libswscale-free --install ffmpeg 

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