Can't install Fedora Workstation using Netinstall

I’m keep getting this error when installing Fedora workstation using Netinstall iso:

The following error occured while installing the payload. This is a fatal error and installation will be aborted.

An error occured during the transaction: Error in PREIN scriptlet in rpm package libwbclient

This error occured in installation step, installing krb5-xxxx

I also got the same error today when trying to install Fedora Server Arm net install. I succeeded when installing the DVD ISO and adding the packages manually.

There has been a lot of activity with that library although maybe I can’t judge this as I don’t look at library activity normally

Confirmed as an issue for me as well, on a VirtualBox VM running the netinstall of Fedora 38.

I’m also seeing this error messaging when i try to install Fedora Server using the netinstall iso.

Looks like this was fixed recently. The net installer is working for me again.