Can't change directory to /usr/bin/python

Hi, I can’t change my directory to /usr/bin/python in Fedora Silverblue 37 (beta) and the bash terminal told me that it is not a directory.
Here is what I did and the result.

$ which python
$ cd /usr/bin/python
bash: cd: /usr/bin/python: Not a directory

Also, I can’t look for pip as well.

$ pip --version
bash: pip: command not found
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/usr/bin/python is not a directory, it’s a file. If you want to change to the directory that contains the file ‘python’, you could:

$ cd /usr/bin

Is pip installed? If not and you don’t know how, please report back.



Okay, then is pip not installed in Fedora Silverblue by default? I’ve not used pip since I installed Fedora on my desktop.

It is not. This is a good use case for using toolbox since mixing pip with system libraries can be a bad time:

You should be able to install pip in a toolbox environment. Consider also using a venv as well:


Hmm I see. So I can safely say that I just need to create a toolbox and install pip inside the toolbox.
Noted then. Thanks for the help.