Can we have linglong support in fedora 38

Can you please describe what linglong is and how it would benefit Fedora, the community and our users?

it is just like flatpak and it is a new way of installing apps from and it is actually a universal pkging format An Insight into Linglong (I): Why we create Linglong? – Deepin Technology Community
and it claims to have better sandboxing and resolves the storage issue somehow so having support make sense.

OK, cool.

Where do you think this would fit in Fedora? Are you suggesting dnf or Gnome-software support the app store, or is it an even lower level library that requires packaging the full liblong stack? In whatever case, you will need to file this request with the developers of these tools because Fedora is a downstream distribution—we don’t develop these tools, we package and integrate them to make the OS.

So if you’re thinking that this is something that should be added to Gnome-software, please file an issue here, for example:

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yes actually i find some discussion is going on in gnome for support linglong i was following in matrix and it was like gnome software will support it but distros need to maintain that and have it in the os. but distro can have it in commend line if i am not wrong.
and have you looked into the project i find it is interesting though it is in the initial days of development .

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The basic answer to the question is “yes, we could”. But we’d need someone passionate about working on it, including ongoing maintenance. The existing team for Workstation (and folks working on desktop technologies in Fedora in general!) have a lot to do already, and while exploring another packaging format is interesting,[1] the amount of work it would take to do this right isn’t a trivial addition. Since I haven’t heard an existing groundswell about this from the existing contributor base, I think the best approach would be to find people interested in the technology who are interested in joining us with this as a contribution focus.

  1. I wish An Insight into Linglong (I): Why we create Linglong? – Deepin Technology Community went into a lot more depth ↩︎


I don’t see any single benefit from having this in Fedora (while on top creating a lot of work for the Project).

In fact, I think integrating third party software stores like that one is dangerous and undermines the security, stability and reputation of Fedora. Fedora would have zero control of what is offered in the store but would be blamed to distribute non-free, non-open, non-reviewed or malware-infected software if things go wrong.

Anyone who wants to trust linglong-distributed apps should maybe simply install Deepin, and that’s it. I personally would never install a single app from that source.

I know you could argue that users are their own bosses, but Fedora should not make it too easy to install unreviewed, closed source, third-party software…

Though I am curious what this is…

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That ship has sailed,
we already have Flatpak installed by default and enabling Flathub is easy.
Snap client is also available in the repositories.
In principle, Linglong does not seem to be any different from those.

But of course the quality of each store’s offering may vary.

does anybody know where is the source for the Linglong client?
I could not find it.
Is it even open source and otherwise allowed in Fedora?

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