Can i pass traffic from wireless interface to a fake virtual ethernet interface and connect this interface to a docker macvlan as parent parameter?

So i am following this tutorial
and in one point it says to run this command with my own details.

docker network create -d macvlan
-o parent=eth0 priv_lan

The thing is that i use a wireless interface wlp0s29u1u5 for internet so i cannot bind it to as parent parameter.
So i was thinking. Can i create a fake virtual ethernet interface and use this interface to parent parameter? So i tried the following…

  1. sudo ip link add name eth0 type bridge
  2. sudo ip link set eth0 up
  3. sudo ip link set wlp0s29u1u5 master eth0
    Error: Device does not allow enslaving to a bridge.

Any other ideas to find success?

Wireless Interfaces, for the most part, cannot bridge traffic unless they are run in mesh (or WDS) mode.

You say that your internet comes in through the wireless interface. I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve bridging the Pi-Hole setup mentioned in the tutorial back into your internet interface. The tutorial is about providing Pi-Hole services to a LAN, so generally you’d use macvlan on the LAN interface (which would have to be wired in that case), not the internet facing one.

If your machine is exclusively connected through wireless interfaces you can still use Docker host networking mode. But it requires that ports needed for the services are not occupied by other services on your machine and it is also less secure, as it shares the networking with the host completely.

Other options, such as Layer 3 routing, are possible as well but require more advanced setup outside of docker.