Can connect to WiFi but can’t access internet

I have been using Fedora 34 for about a month in my main machine without any issues. Recently something has changed where I can still connect to WiFi but I cannot access the internet, I get an error telling me the site isn’t available. I have looked through my network settings and don’t see what could be causing this issue, any ideas?

Alienware m15r1, 9th gen i7, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA 1660ti

Run nm-connection-editor in terminal and make new wifi connection to your ssid . Check like that your internet connection.

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Try to specify a public DNS provider instead of the local one:


Also see Wifi connected, IP address assigned but no internet. The issue in the Q&A was related to DNS. It sounds similar to your issue.

You can check that by opening a terminal and running this command:


If DNS is the issue, you’ll be able to ping that box; if you can’t, it’s something else.

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