gnome-shell and mutter patched with recent post-freeze upstream changes and some currently unmerged fixes following release of 42. Also includes MR 1441 (dynamic triple buffering) for mutter, and MR 1915 (optimized box-shadow rendering) for gnome-shell.

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Instructions not filled in by author. Author knows what to do. Everybody else should avoid this repo.

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I am definitely going to install this, thanks! :slight_smile:

It worked great here on Fedora 36 beta Workstation. Thanks a lot.

Same here. Works perfectly on F36 beta on an i5-4460T with Mesa Intel® HD Graphics 4600 (HSW GT2). So smooooooooth. Incredible improvement.

It seems like you forgot to build a patched i686 version of GTK 3, this is causing update issues on my system with Steam and its i686 dependencies installed (and by extension, i686 GTK 3).

For me, the packages seem to cause that scrolling with my touchpad is significantly slower in apps that are using libadwaita, like the updated settings and contacts (I think also in non-libadwaita gtk4 apps, but I am not sure about that). When I revert to Fedora upstream, the scrolling speed is as fast as before. Is that intended?

What I just forgot: Thank you for that repo! The patched mutter works great.
I have solved the issue I described in my previous post by excluding the gtk packages from this repo for now. Thus, I am using the upstream gtk packages but the patched version of mutter. That seems to work well for me.

Same, also, horizontal scrolling is unusable fast, on mainstream everything fine

Seems as though there were some major changes to scrolling in gtk 4.7.0. I’ve removed the build of it and will build gtk 4.6.3 only with the relevant fix for the mutter change.

Thank you! The scrolling issue is gone now.

Will this get the Mutter rounded patch? Thanks!

Thank you!

Is it possible to have the patch for arm arch too? I wanna try it with rpi 4 :slight_smile:

Brilliant. Lags disappeared. Thank You

Hey! Late reply and you may have already noticed, but I enabled builds for all available architectures, so you should be able to try now!

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Is it possible to have the VRR MR, with the other 2 MR in this copr repo?
Just wondering, because i want to use it but can’t decide if i should switch.

The variable refresh rate MR for Mutter has a lot of conflicts with the dynamic triple buffering MR unfortunately. I did try to rebase the dynamic triple buffering MR onto the variable refresh rate MR once but it was not within my abilities.

Oh ok i understand, and thank you for replying so fast. :smile:

Hello, please, can you add instructions for Silverblue?

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

sudo wget

sudo rpm-ostree override replace --experimental --from gnome-shell mutter

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Thank you for this! I have added this to the instructions. If you know what the commands are for reverting on Silverblue I can add those as well.