Business collaboration: Solana Validator

Hello Fedora community.

My name is Jonny Heggheim and I have been a Fedora package maintainer
since 2015[1].

I would like to propose a business collaboration.

I’m considering becoming a Solana Validator[2], this is financially
risky, but has a great upside if done properly.

To increase the chance of success, one alternative would be to set
this up as a collaboration, where I can use the Fedora branding.

I would still take on the financial risk and do all the work, where
the Fedora project would receive a share of the profit.

The Solana Validator is written in Rust under the Apache-2.0 license
and all their dependencies are Open Source.

Example of yearly direct income, if commission is set to 10% and SOL price at $100 USD:

  • Top 2%: 2,283,020 USD (28537750.10.08*100) [3]
  • Top 5%: 601,940 USD (7524260.10.08*100) [4]
  • Top 10%: 159,628 USD (1995360.10.08*100) [5]
  • Top 50%: 59,508 USD (743860.10.08*100) [6]
  • Top 80%: 13,324 USD (166550.10.08*100) [7]

Known direct cost per year with SOL price at $100 USD:

  • Hosting+renting high-end[8] dedicated server: $8,000 USD.
  • Solana network fees for voting: $40,000 USD

I am open for discussion on how we can collaborate.

Sincerely Jonny Heggheim
FAS: jonny

[1] 1230949 – Review Request: hid4java - A cross-platform Java Native Access (JNA) wrapper for the signal11/hidapi library
[2] Validators: Help Secure the Network and Earn SOL | Solana
[3] Dashboard | Solana Beach
[4] Dashboard | Solana Beach
[5] Dashboard | Solana Beach
[6] Dashboard | Solana Beach
[7] Dashboard | Solana Beach
[8] Validator Requirements | Solana Validator

Side note; I originally sent this to, but I am not allowed to send to that mailing list.

Hi Jonny. As a project, we’re not set up to engage in this sort of partnership. I also don’t see it as particularly falling within the Fedora mission.