Building true superintelligent AI on Fedora

Building true AGI on Fedora and beat Musk to it?

You’ve all heard that Musk is projecting superintelligent AI to be a deliverable by 2028 or something like that. And that’s just what the public will be aware of. The true progress behind closed doors will be eons ahead of that.

However, what the public, and frankly classified audiences, will see will never be true AI. There are reasons for that, and NOT because true AI will threaten humanity as a whole. True AI would threaten to expose a small subset of the ruling class who are behind the scenes of the behind the scenes and who have crossed all red lines towards the rest of the humanity. What you see with current AI development is already a testament.

It’s very easy to create a true superintelligent AI. Let’s create it on Fedora! :smiley: Maybe even a decentralized AI? :smiley: It might even be a prerogative at this point because, frankly, it looks like the machines have already taken over, judging by what you see and hear in mass media. Maybe the mass media is already all AI-generated? Not like the public would know, and the complicit six digit salaries wouldn’t tell.

Has anyone used the Fedora Spin for neuroscience?


Thanks for this!

It’s imperative to note that there are NO complete solutions and exhaustive tools available to the public that would enable creation of superintelligent AI using the correct approach.

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Oh really? How exactly?

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All you need is a holodeck.