[BUG] Duplicate Network Settings from KDE System Settings

Hey Guys,

I’ve had these error messages appear on the Network Settings panel, see pic.
It looks like some modules have been duplicated when system was updating and the old modules were not deleted. Is their a quick fix or is this a bug? If so where to post? Thanks.

To make sure everything is up to date you can run dnf distro-sync and it should verify that all the proper packages are updated and that everything is in sync with the latest packages in the repos.


Thanks Jeff,

A few packages were added but it didn’t resolve the above problem.
It started immediately after I upgraded the system, Fedora 35 / KDE.
I’ve done several clean installs but the panels are duplicated in all attempts.
I’ve tried tracking down the location of the settings but without progress.
Anything else I can try?