Buetooth mouse working unreliably after putting laptop to sleep

After putting my laptop to sleep, my bluetooth mouse connects, but often stops working soon after. The bluetooth settings also seem messed up when this happens (i try to turn bluetooth off, and after a long time, it says that it’s off, but when i turn it on again, nothing can be connected).

Kernel version: 6.7.9
Device: HP Pavilion Laptop 15-eh2xxx
Desktop Environment: KDE Plasma
KDE Plasma version: 5.27.11
WiFi Card (if required): rtl8852be

This happens when using both the in-kernel driver and the LWFinger’s bluetooth driver

The issue with the mouse is resolved after a reboot
My bluetooth earphones work perfectly fine however

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Search this forum for the card rtl8852be.
I seem to remember lots of problems with that chipset having been reported and if so then ISTR that the main fix was to replace that card, either internally or by using a usb dongle, mostly with an intel wifi chipset.

I’m not very keen on replacing my card or using a USB dongle, since now, Wi-Fi works perfect even without LWFinger’s driver. A solution rather than a workaround would be more appreciated. Up until sometime last year, bluetooth worked perfectly, so I’m guessing the problem’s new?

(please do accept my apologies if I sound a bit aggressive)

I understand the concern, but in most cases the wifi and bluetooth are different functions on the same physical card. I don’t have a means of testing, and your first post did not indicate this as a change, nor did it indicate when this started or the conditions before it began.

If this is a change then it certainly would seem a regression.

I believe Realtek drivers are proprietary, but that the company mostly supports linux and freely makes the drivers available. This may be the result of the rapid progress of kernel updates in which the drivers are not keeping up with the kernel changes.

Does bluetooth work properly when using an older kernel? Maybe the 6.7.6 or 6.7.7 kernels?

No, the issue started sometime last year (don’t remember when)

This sounds more like a problem with your mouse than with the rtl885be. Some systems allow you to use a BT mouse before an OS is loaded, so system firmware may be involved. You should ensure that you have the current vendor (BIOS) firmware and all Fedora updates.

Have you looked at Fedora Quick Docs Troubelshooting Bluetooth Problems,

Resolving firmware problems

It happens that the firmware of bluetooth adapters enters a state where it is unable to pair with a certain (or all) bluetooth devices.