Boot menu error!

I uninstalled a version of Linux and it’s menus are still listed in the boot menu select. How do I get rid of them. fedora 39. They are listed in the grub file. However! The file has a caption on top. Do not edit this file.

Try the grubby tool in the command line:

grubby --help

What version or distro of linux did you remove.?
If it was not fedora and you are using efi boot then it seems likely that the files that put that entry into the grub menu may not have been removed from the efi partition.

What is the output of sudo ls /boot/efi/EFI?
An installation that has only fedora should show 2 directories – “BOOT” & “fedora”.
If dual booting with windows it probably also shows “Microsoft”
Other OSes probably have their own sub-directory there – and I believe “Ubuntu” is used for many of the ubuntu derivatives.

When there is another directory there grub seems to automatically add the entry to the menu even if the os has been removed.

Thus, making certain that /boot/efi/EFI has no unnecessary sub-directories and files is a good thing after uninstalling an OS from your system.

Thanks I figured it out. Had to refresh the menu. Simple Huh!