Bluetoothd regularly crashes with SIGSEGV

I don’t use Bluetooth but bluetoothd crashes every time when my laptop is resuming from sleep. This problem started after upgrading to Fedora 34. I have found several bug reports, but there are not any activity on fixing this issues. I can’t find reports about this bug on another Linux distros, so maybe it caused by some configuration issue? Maybe someone knows workaround for this?

Bug reports:



  • Fedora 34,
  • bluez 5.59-1

I have also had problems with bluetooth. I solved my issues by downgrading the bluez package. I posted the below info previously

bluez downgrade process

Hope it helps. Cheers.

Downgrading won’t help as this issue appears even for bluez 5.55 ( It seems that problem is related to pipewire (segfault in service_disconnect ... queue_remove_if / match_endpoint_by_path · Issue #109 · bluez/bluez · GitHub).

:ok_hand: sorry I couldn’t be more help - bluetooth causes me more problems than anything else…

After upgrade to bluez 5.60-1, bluetoothd stopped crashing.

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