Bluetooth headset not visible in Fedora, but working in Win10

Hi, I have the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset WH-CH510 and it works completely fine with my Android bluetooth and Windows 10 bluetooth.
However on Fedora 37 it does not appear in Bluetooth devices list while in pairing mode. Other random devices nearby my location do appear.
This laptop has a dual-boot system with Fedora 37 and Windows 10. On Windows 10 I can easily pair and use this headset.

the command hwinfo tells me that my Bluetooth card is:
Intel AX200 Bluetooth

By the way, it is the same name of my network card.
Is there a way to make my headset appear in Bluetooth devices while in pairing mode?

My Sony earbuds need me to put them into pairing mode the fedora 37 has happy to pair.

Does your headset need to be put into pairing mode?

Yes, I put them in pairing mode, but they are not found.