Bluetooth headset missing quality preset A2DP

Recently I noticed that my headset has lost the quality playback profile. I can only select profiles Hands Free or Headset Profile (HSP/HFP, codec CVSD or mSBC), the A2DP is missing in the settings (using KDE spin).
This was working fine on f39 and on the beginning with f40 I notice this last week.
Any idea how I can force stereo profile?

Hi, thx for the hints.
In the pavucontrol also the profiles are missing. System is up to date.
If if disconnect and forget (remove) device and re-pair it then the A2DP profile will appear but only until next restart of the headset.
I have noticed that when I press and hold the play/multi-function button on the headset, the full list of profiles is displayed (but only until the headset is restarted).
If I restart the bluetooth service then sometimes I can see all the profiles or sometimes only the A2DP profiles.
At least I have a workaround, not sure what’s going on, I’ve been using this headset for 2 years and first time problems with the profiles.

Unfortunately, that now-deleted post was not actually a real answer — it’s from a plague of chatgpt spammers we’ve been dealing with recently.

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