Bluetooth audio issues

I have beats fit pro but the sounds for some reason starts sluttering a lot when trying to reproduce sounds.
Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!

For me, when I tried connecting my Xbox controller through bluetooth, not only could I not connect it, but in addition, my MacBook’s wifi in addition to nearby devices’ wifi started acting up. Very odd.

Also, I tried connecting my Pixel Buds, similar issue to yours. Could just be that the drivers are very finicky.

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i read an old post ( about a year ago) it said that restarting the bluetooth with sudo systemctl restart bluetooth worked.
I tried it but it changed nothing, gonna try other earphones to see if my model is the one having troubles

Bluetooth coexistence is wonky right now, which means things don’t work great when you use 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time. If you can, switching to 5G WiFi should help. You can also try changing the Bluetooth codec selection in pavucontrol, as some codecs use more bandwidth than others and are less reliable.

Note that some interaction between 2.4G WiFi and Bluetooth is inevitable, since they are literally using the same antennas and the same spectrum. But right now it’s worse than it should be. It is normal for Bluetooth audio streaming to noticeably reduce 2.4GHz WiFi performance (you’ll see this on macOS too), but the drop-outs and issues we have now are because something about coexistence isn’t set up properly yet (so it’s not prioritizing Bluetooth like it should).


I’m gonna try with 5G WIFI , Thank you for the answer!