Best introduction to SELinux and Flatpak

I’m currently on my journey to learn more about security regarding linux and would like to hear from people that went that route which books, tutorials and so on helped them the most.

I’m a GrapheneOS user and really like a lot of the security measures that they have implemented and would like to apply some of that to my laptop and dekstop.

I think the biggest part in that will be learning about SELinux and MAC policies and how to set the right permissions for my flatpak apps.

Has anyone read “SELinux Cookbook” or “SELinux System Administration - Implement mandatory access control to secure applications, users, and information flows on Linux”? Would you recommend one over the other? Is there anything else someone would recommend to get started with SELinux? A video series would be fine too.

With flatpak I am somewhat clueless where to begin, there is no real book I have found and flatseal as an app seams to be pretty straight forward. Would anyone still advice me to start with something else? A blog post, video or certain book?

My background is 5+ years regular Linux user, mostly using the command line, have a pretty solid understanding of the file systems, processes, general ownership/permissions and so on. Some programming knowledge.

Thanks in advance to everyone thats reading and willing to help.

Rocky Linux has a solid introduction to SELinux here: SELinux Security - Documentation Failing that, RHEL has good documentation on it too.

Flatpak has good documentation on their permission system:

As an end-user, you do not really need to be concerned about the details. All of that is taken care of by maintainers. Most you need to do is report bugs with packages or audit2allow if the package really needs it. For Flatpak, you can use Flatseal for managing permissions.

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