Bad shim signature

Hello community,

Yesterday I’ve upgraded my fedora 37 system and kernel 6.2.7 was installed. Now when trying to boot with that kernel I get an error “Bad shim signature”. I have the latest UEFI dbx version 217.

What can I do to resolve this issue?

I removed kmod-VirtualBox-6.2.7 and now the system boots kernel 6.2.7 with secure boot


That module would need to be properly signed before the kernel would load it. Check on how to sign the virtualbox modules and verify they are properly signed.

If you installed virtualbox from rpmfusion then it should have installed akmods as one of the dependencies and you can sign the kernel modules for virtualbox by following the steps in /usr/share/doc/akmods/README.secureboot.

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The kmod-VirtualBox module was automatically reinstalled after I removed it manually. So I guess it was due to having vritualbox from rpmfusion and akmods installed.

So maybe there was a bug in the previous kernel update process that did not reinstall the kmod-VirtualBox package correctly and left it not properly signed?