Backup Fedora Workstation 39

How to create BACKUP in Fedora workstation so that I don’t have to install all the apps and change all the settings and everything when I install it on another device.

This article is helpful. Scroll down to the section on backups.

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I do not know this btrfs-send/receive, it looks interesting. And btrfs is required. The easiest way looks for me to create a clonezilla image, with disadvantage that the receiving disk cannot be smaller. Some afterwork has to be done, hostname, machine-id, ssh-keys. ramdisk. But you get a consistent clone. Booting the rescue kernel gives the biggest chance on success in case of different hardware, “dracut -f” will create a dedicated initramfs for the new machine.
Preparing filesystems with live system and cloning by good old tar could be another option, taking care that /dev /proc /sys contents are not transferred and selinux labels are transferred.
In that way, you can skip the /home directory or subvolume, but many configurations are stored within the users home so application configuration has to be done from scratch.
But I too would like to hear whether someone has a more clever solution.