Audio devices separation

How can I separate my PC audio devices (speakers and headphones) without turning one of them off? I use Fedora 38

By “separate”, do you mean having output through both at the same time, or something else?

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I mean that I want to switch between them without unplugging one of them

Ah, I see. At least in GNOME, if you go to the “Sound” section of the settings application, there should be a dropdown that lets you choose which output device to use.

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But I have three audio outputs:
1 Headphones
2 HDMI audio
3 Built-in audio
2 and 3 don’t produce any sound from speakers, but if I unplug my headphones speakers are working

Hi Alex, please see my instructions here:

This applies to your headphones and speakers connected to the front/rear panels (3.5mm jacks). If you have no sound from HDMI that is a separate issue.

Thank you