Audio device switching off?

Hi all,

I’m having some weird problems with audio devices on F35. To be fair I have them already for some time but it’s starting to pissing me off. I have two audio devices from which I expect output:

  • headphones (plugged constantly to my front panel case jack)
  • USB speaker (Jabra speak 510)

Both of them are playing sound just fine but …

The problem:
Scenario 1:
Let’s say I’m playing audio from USB speaker in the evening. I shutdown PC and next day when I start my PC I expect that USB speaker will work. But it doesn’t (most of the time) - no audio in spotify, youtube, vlc etc. what is also interesting in here is that you can see that “player” struggles to play audio because also video doesn’t work in this case. I have to manually switch output device to headphones or any other device like hdmi and then switch back to USB speaker. After that it works everywhere.

Scenario 2:
So I’m on started PC, I switched devices to hear something. I stop watching i.e. youtube video. After some time I want to watch something else. And guess what, audio doesn’t work, I have to again play the game with switching devices.

It’s getting really annoying that I have to do this almost every time. It looks to me like the F35 is switching USB device automatically off. I think it started after some update but don’t remember exact time. I have it like this for a few months.

Would anyone know how to fix this? I’m quite sure that I didn’t have this issue on F34.

PS: I’m normal user - i.e. I don’t know on top of my head all ways around the insides. This means, please let me know if you need some outputs.