Audacity crashes

I did a clean install of F30, though I’ve had to re-install a number of items. I use KDE/Plasma.

One of the programs I use is Audacity. I was able to record one track. When I try to record a second track in the same file Audacity crashes. I tried re-booting and starting Audacity before anything else and set the microphone to hw 0:0 - still crashed. Other options are set to ALSA and default.

I have GTK2, GTK3, ALSA (though there doesn’t appear to be an ‘alsa-driver’ file), GStreamer, and Phonon installed. Is there something I’ve missed?

Maybe try the flatpack of audacity. Do you encounter the same issues with it?

I changed the setting in Preferences, Recording to “record a new track”. Whether it was that, or an update to F30, Audacity has stopped crashing.