Ask Fedora -> English / Non-English / Common Issues structure

Did you get a notification? I added a tag laptop to your request below.

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I got an edit notification:

But… did anyone other than the post author who is subscribed to laptop get one?

I get what you mean, the request should get unread to appear again in the list right?
If yes i guess this just happens when we write something new in the topic, changed/added language tag … etc.

And perhaps an email notification.

This you get when the tracking bell is on ?! Not really sure.

A note on this — I do plan to investigate options for integrating the DIscourse Translator plugin. I want to find someone who will give us API access for free. :classic_smiley:

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Users can also post non-English posts into the wrong categories now, no?

In fact, users post English posts into the wrong categories. Sometimes they reply to completely unrelated posts.

Anyway, I understand the other limitations/counterpoints, so I am not going to insist on my suggestion. The language divide (online and offline) is something I’m particularly interested in[1] so I perhaps spoke a little enthusiastically.

  1. I thought we would be sticking alien fishes in our ears by now, not still discussing how to divide a forum by language :smile: ↩︎

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I think mostly they go to the correct place, but of course not always. Since we just changed things around a lot, I can’t really predict — but we’ll see!

I like having it where it is too. Note that this ask page/view is currently set as the primary place for users to get help when they click on the “Help” button on the new page (it is the first link that shows up and it is labeled “General Q&A”). I think having the common issues (with the issue description text) displayed prominently there could be very helpful.

Creating a specialized view to link to from there would be fine too if you don’t want that to be the default for the ask category. But let me know if you change that and want me to update that link.

BTW, the “New Topic” button being disabled by default is a problem. I think you said you had an idea about how to fix that at some point?

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I do, but apparently it is difficult to implement with the way the button works now, so it is in the lower-middle of my prioritized pile of RFEs for Discourse. Feature request: "redirect" "New Topic" button to a valid category when user doesn't have permission to post somewhere - feature - Discourse Meta

It looks like we have a strong lean towards moving Ask in English up to Ask Fedora — at least from people who have responded to the straw poll. And a split on what to do with Common Issues.

I’m at this point planning to move the Ask in English posts up to the first level. (I’ll leave Common Issues for now — one thing at a time.)

If you think we shouldn’t do that, now is a good time to be convincing. :classic_smiley:


A post was split to a new topic: Should we restrict who can create new topics in Proposed Common Issues

Probably it would be a good Idea to tell us, what you expect to get different, and what benefit we will have right now.

I think, you will create your self just a lot of work again, with all the new forwarding etc. Might be better in a time in between a new release of Fedora Linux would be a better choice. Beta testing and new release in general gives a bigger amount of requests and more hassle.

As I mentioned above min 6 month in between changes makes sense. Could we not talk about this kind of time-frames and including my arguments above, not making unnecessary stress while new releases and beta testing?

That’s a pretty good argument. It’s probably best to wait until about a month after the F38 release.

I’m in favor of moving Common Issues up. This came up recently on IRC/Matrix that a Fedora regular was having trouble finding the Common Issues site currently.

The current URL is also a little long and obscure:

You can also use:

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I do find this argument funny, a regular at least should know that discourse has a search engine.
Typing in “common” reveals everything he needed to know:

Yes the structure in the URL looks ugly. Isn’t there a rewrite plugin available in discourse?

Anyway typing in espands to

It not has so many categories, it looks like that discourse numbers up tags and categories together. That’s why we got 82 for ask, right?

Yes, but they’ll resolve back to the “ugly” one once you follow them.

They are separate, but we actually had that many categories before the tag-based rearrangement. Could probably do something complicated to reuse old ones, but didn’t seem worth it.

There are many regulars in Fedora at large that aren’t regulars on Discourse, but are on Matrix/IRC/mailing list, etc. Common Issues should be obvious to everyone and not just those who are comfortable with this particular tool.

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Maybe a simple solution would be to change the label for the Ask Fedora category to Ask Fedora / Common Issues? (Or Ask Fedora & Common Issues to be a little more consistent with the naming scheme of the other categories.)