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Overview of tags:
Displays all tags (note tag in plural [tags])

Redirects to /tags

Searching documents with one tag:
Displays a overview of topics with this tag [SEARCHTAG]

Searching documents with more than one tag
Displays a overview of topics with this tags [TAG1] [TAG2]

would list just this document.

What is a topic without question :thinking: here is mine to @mattdm

Do we get the tags like #new-user back, who points direct into a document, so as we had it in ask before?
This would definitely help us, to help users, which give us almost no information.

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I’ve made this redirect to /tags. I don’t think that will break anything. :slight_smile:

Would this be used to tag posts for new users, or posts by new users?

Also, sorry, I retagged this when I moved it to Site Help & Feedback, thus breaking your example. :open_mouth:

We just should be homeopathic what new users hav to read. Otherwise the tendency is not to read it . Maybe a list with templates to “real case” request would make sense. Where users can pick, where is closest to their case.

For the user easier to fill up and for us better to read in the end. And we also not have to make a answer and question game, how we do have to do in a lot of cases now.

Sorry, I am afraid I don’t understand what you’re saying. It’s been a long day. :classic_smiley:

Let me expand on my question, with some background. I don’t think tags that describe the person asking a question are a good idea, for several reasons. Who will do the tagging? How might new users react to being conspicuously labeled?

It might be useful to have a tag for guides for new users, but that’s what’s intended to go in the top-level Ask Fedora - Fedora Discussion [1], and that shouldn’t be tons of posts, so I’m not clear on the value of a tag.

  1. with some new solution to be found if we reorganize that ↩︎

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no problem … lets do it an other day, hour …

  1. Creating templates based on real case questions.
  2. Recreate the #start-here tag we had on ask before. Pointing to a document who informs new users what kind of minimum information’s we need to be able to help.

Hoping you are reading it while not to tired this time :wink:

I don’t think we can easily do the first without some development (and design work).

For the second, I think the best approach is to merge #ask:english into Ask Fedora, and move the FAQ and guide posts from there to a new[1] Start Here category. But as per Ask Fedora -> English / Non-English / Common Issues structure - #24 by ilikelinux I’m waiting 6 months before doing that. :classic_smiley:

  1. or, re-created, depending on your perspective ↩︎

That was my proposal for future changes in discourse.
Moving categories is still from the long planed merge you announced. That they are made in between a new release and the next beta release. So we have more hands free to help you :classic_smiley:

I guess the big tsunami of requests is passed. Feel free to plan it that it is also good for your schedule :blush:

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