Article Review: A Closer Look at Fedora Projects


I wrote Outreachy Week 5 blog post: A Closer Look at Fedora Projects
It’ll be great to publish this in the Fedora Community Blog! :slight_smile:

Thank You!
cc: @jwf


@alishapapun this is great. I made an edit to your second paragraph:

The one that new contributors are most likely to be interested in, and focused on, is Fedora Workstation.

Does this match your intent?

Looking at this, I wonder if the CommBlog is the right venue for it. The Community Blog is targeted at existing contributors, but this could be helpful for drawing new contributors in. Have you considered pitching it to Fedora Magazine? If they don’t accept it, or you don’t want to pitch it, let me know and I’ll finish getting it ready for publication on CommBlog.

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One caveat here is Outreachy organizers were given URLs at the start of the internship to follow each intern’s blog updates. For @alishapapun and @shraddhaag, Outreachy follows posts here:

One way or another, the post should end up here so Outreachy organizers will see the blog post and reshare them for future years of Outreachy as well. But I also see the value in sharing this type of content on the Fedora Magazine.

I’m thinking we can publish on the CommBlog for now and maybe run a “pointer” article for a Fedora Magazine article later. There is also one more intern who will likely write an article on the same topic for her personal blog. I could take an action item for this one next week. What do you think, @bcotton?

Ah, okay. That makes sense. I’ve made a few grammatical edits and scheduled it for publication on Thursday. @alishapapun, let me know if you don’t like any of my edits.

As for a magazine article, something like this, perhaps with a more general focus, would be good. Maybe more of an introduction to “what can I do for Fedora?” with highlights of a few teams that 1. have specific help needs and 2. are active enough that there’s someone to help folks come on board. But that’s something to work out with the Magazine team.

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@alishapapun, @jwf, I’m going to move this post to Tuesday 2 July.


The edits are absolutely fine.
I will try to write ar article as suggested by you. Thanks :slight_smile:

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