[Article Proposal] Steam and Gaming on Fedora

Note that the latest flatpak releases now include support for the new Steam Runtime “Pressure Vessel” sandboxing mechanism (just Ctrl-F for “steam” here: Releases · flatpak/flatpak · GitHub ). I always found the Steam flatpak from flathub the easiest way to install it on Fedora by far, and it has given me the least amount of trouble (compared to the RPMFusion package, for example).

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@decathorpe Thanks for getting in contact. I was already in contact with Upstream to ensure that the article will be as up-to-date as possible.

I’m currently working on the last bits, but most of the flow and content is set: There will be a mention of Steam Flatpak, I’ll quickly comment on how it has some benefits, but also how there are some drawbacks and how you require Fedora 35 or higher for the best experience. I’m trying to cover most important aspects, while keeping the article sensible in length, so there is a big challenge there.

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I’ve submitted the article for review.

This was harder to write then I initially expected. I’ve gone back and forth between some sources and I’ve also did some mature restructuring. In the end, I must strike a balance between what’s worth talking about and what’s too much. I’ve also looked at some other articles and support questions on Reddit: /r/linux_gaming, /r/fedora and /r/linux4noobs to get a sense for the questions that users have. For example, App Indicators are still a big point of confusion for many users so I dedicated some time to it.

Emulation and Cloud Gaming got a shout-out, because in the end I was running out of momentum. Articles like these should not be any longer then 10 minutes: It’s better to give people pointers for follow-up questions, then to try to answer everything in one article.