Article Idea: Upgrading Fedora major versions using (only) Foreman/Katello

Article Summary:

I have successfully done system-upgrades of Fedora using Foreman/Katello. I was asked on a Fedora Social Hour call to describe how I did that.

Article Description:

This article will explain how to set up Foreman/Katello with content to accelerate upgrades between major Fedora versions; the workflow does not require any radical departures from standard procedures in either Fedora or Foreman/Katello

Just glancing at the repo, it appears to be FOSS. I also see that it has 5586 open issues. That scares me a little. Can you give me an idea about how “proven” this software is when operating on Fedora Linux? How long and on how many Fedora Linux systems have you (or others) been using it? What do “worst case” problems tend to look like? Are they easy to recover from? Does the OS ever need a complete reinstall if things go wrong?

Foreman/Katello is the upstream for Red Hat Satellite. I’m using ~30, I understand that there are other larger installations (I personally worked on an environment with ~70k systems under Satellite management, though they were not Fedora).

In this discussion, Katello is the repo/source for package updates. This is plumbed through subscription-manager (which is shipped in Fedora); the important bits use dnf system-upgrade just as if the system were using the public mirrors - this is just a mechanism to “privatize” the process should someone wish to do so. I did. It’s fairly trivial to re-enable the public mirrors if things go wrong.

OK. Sounds good to me. +1. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see that “Pulp” is also a “Service in Katello to handle repository and content management”. Someone else just proposed an article about Pulp. Are these articles related? Should one be published before the other?


Pulp is a fairly general content backend. The upstream project supports RPM packages (including ostree repos, as of 4.3), DEB packages, container images, Ansible collections, and generic files. It is used in the productization of Foreman/Katello (Satellite), and may also show up in other products.

Pulp is a key part of making Katello work, but the articles aren’t related.

@rlengland: I think Martin may be waiting for your feedback on this one. Thanks.

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