Article: Friday with Infra


I have an article ready for review about new event organized by CPE Team.

It will be nice to have it out on Monday.

We also want to announce it in devel-announce list, which is managed by CommOps AFAIK.

Thanks @zlopez! I add a few extra tags and scheduled it to publish on Tuesday, 6 August. One question: are there particular hours for this? I assume there’s not going to be 24-hour coverage.

And a couple of comments about spreading the word:

  • You can send an email to devel-announce on Tuesday when it publishes and I’ll approve it when it hits the moderation queue. Or if you’d rather, I can send it.
  • I would suggest also sharing it with the lists for the affected applications — particularly the design mailing list.
  • I suggest creating a fedocal entry for it so that people can add it to their calendar system of choice. If you do that, please add it to the post at your convenience.
  • I’m also including it in my weekly FPgM report CommBlog post and in the announcements section of the FPgM office hours

Thanks for adding it to FPgM report.

I will ask in the team, if we want to specify any exact time, but I think we will probably work on something based on the responses we get from community.

I will send the email to devel-announce on Tuesday than, so you can approve it.