Antora build container x86_64 only, at least aarch64 missing

Our Fedora local authorization environment uses the container at to build the local preview. Unfortunately, this container is x86_64 only, whereas Fedora supports at least 2 architectures, x86_64 and aarch64.

Docker and Podman obviously use QEMU to emulate the missing architecture. On an Apple Silicon Mac it works with some delay, but acceptable. On an ARM SBC it takes a very long time to create the preview, not acceptable IMHO.

A question to our Antora experts: Can we expect a multi-arch container from Antora? The container support seems to be not overly strong. On there is the container without any info, not even a link, nothing.

Or is it better to develop a FedoraDocs container that integrates more features of our local authoring environment and more fine-grained, immediately updates the files that have been changed rather than the complete bunch? And could we make that happen?